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What is the reason for the leakage and oil rejection of the cooling fan?

1. Bearing problems:

The oil-bearing used by some cooling fans is porous. With a long service life, the lubricating oil in the bearing sleeve is easy to leak out, the noise is also increased, and it will pollute and other accessories. The bearing is easy to wear and has a short service life.

2. Lubricating oil problem:

The main reason for the oil leakage of the cooling fan is that too much lubricating oil is added, resulting in overflow. In addition, if the use of lubricating oil is too low, the quality is not good, the viscosity is not high, it is easy to throw oil phenomenon when the fan is running.

3. Sealing problem

The cover of cooling fan is usually sealed with label to prevent oil leakage. Therefore, after tearing off the label and adding lubricating oil, if the label is not re pasted, or the label is not sticky enough, it may lead to oil leakage of the cooling fan.