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Bearing differentiation of common cooling fans in the market

Bearing type refers to the type of bearing used by air-cooled radiator fan. In mechanical engineering, there are many types of bearings, but there are only three types of bearings used in radiator products according to their basic working principles: sleeve bearing with sliding friction, ball bearing with rolling friction and a mixture of the two types of bearings. In recent years, the major radiator manufacturers in the bearing of new technologies, such as maglev bearings, fluid protection system bearings, hydraulic bearings, love bearings, nano ceramic bearings are also improved from these basic bearing forms, the basic working principle is not changed.

The sleeve bearing with sliding friction uses lubricating oil as lubricant and drag reducing agent. It has low running noise and low manufacturing cost in initial use. However, this kind of bearing is seriously worn and its service life is far behind that of ball bearing. Moreover, as the bearing is used for a long time, due to the oil seal (it is impossible for computer radiator products to use high-grade oil seal, which is generally the ordinary paper oil seal), the lubricating oil will gradually volatilize, and the dust will also enter the bearing, which will cause the fan speed to slow down, noise increase and other problems. In serious cases, the fan eccentricity will cause severe vibration due to bearing wear. These phenomena, or open oil seal refueling, or only to eliminate and buy new fans.